Rio Verde Foothills Arizona Horse Land

Rio Verde Foothills Arizona Horse Land


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Riding Arena Scottsdale Arizona

Rio Verde Foothills Arizona Horse Land for sale.  2.5 acres, improved arena for sale with private water well.  Owner Financing of Rio Verde Foothills Arizona Horse Land  available with 25% down and approved credit.

The Horse Property is located at the southeast corner of Cavedale Road and 141st St, south of Rio Verde Drive or Dynamite as some call it.

The Rio Verde Foothills acreage is 300′ away from McDowell Mountain Regional Park.

A permit is current and in place to construct a 58′ x 48′ shade structure in the area of the picture where the horse trailer is located.  Plans and specifications are available upon request.

The arena was constructed in 2011 and is a 5 pipe steel rail welded construction with shade cloth around the perimeter of the arena.  At the east end of the main arena is a 90′ x 90′ smaller arena to work cattle.

There is some floodplain located on the property as there is in most of Rio Verde Foothills land.  You can build structures in floodplain with proper permits and engineering studies.

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Floodplain Map Rio Verde 2.5 Acre Horse Property

There are two water wells on the property.  One is functional and the other is not.  In the non-functioning well, a pump and piping was dropped accidentally into the the well bore in an attempt to submerse the water well pump to a greater depth.  Water was produced from this well bore until the mishap with a static water table of approximately 420′.  That particular well is 1,050′ deep.  Efforts were made to recover the pump and piping but it was determined to be more cost effective to drill and new well.

The new well was drilled in 2013 and produces varying amounts of water per day with production ranging between 300 gallons per day and 600 gallons per day depending upon rainfall and pumping.

private water well rio verde,acreage with private water well rio verde,

Water Well Data

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Water Well North Scottsdale Arizona

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Horse Property Private Water Well Scottsdale

The arena was constructed in 2011 utilizing existing decomposed granite base and adding 1500 yards of golf course fairway sand to the surface creating enough depth for cushioning while at the same time providing for the ability of sliding as is a maneuver in the Reining Horse Industry and the Working Cowhorse Industry.

Views are spectacular with mountain views of 4 Peaks and McDowell Mountain and Tom’s Thumb.

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Working Cowhorse Arena Scottsdale

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Arena Land North Scottsdale Az

4 peaks view from land,land for sale adjacent to McDowell Mountain Regional Park

4 Peaks View from Land Close to McDowell Mountain Regional Park

Rio Verde Land For Sale,North Scottsdale Land For Sale,Rio Verde Foothills Land for Sale

Land South of Dynamite Scottsdale Arizona

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Priced at $135,000


Feel free with to contact me with any questions about the parcel.  Owner-Broker.