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85085 |North Phoenix |Az |Real Estate |Homes |Lots |Land 85085 |North Phoenix |Az |Real Estate |Homes |Lots |Land.  Free MLS Search all 85085 |North Phoenix |Az |Real Estate |Homes |Lots |Land.  Search the MLS Like a Realtor. Search: acreage for sale north phoenix arizona ;golf course lot for sale north phoenix arizona;1 acre for sale north […]

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Shared Well |Agreement |Rio Verde |North Scottsdale |AZ Shared Well |Agreement |Rio Verde |North Scottsdale |AZ.  In the area known as Rio Verde Foothills or Rio Verde Arizona, encompassing zip codes 85262 and 85263, it is not unusual for a single water well to be shared  by multiple property owner’s for the production of potable […]

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Phoenix |AZ |Real Estate |Market Phoenix |AZ |Real Estate |Market. Mike Orr, author, statistician, real estate market forecaster and numbers nerd in general has kept pace with the real estate market and gave his research relating to Phoenix Arizons Real Estate Market Update at a recent seminar.  His report, the Cromford Report, is the go to source […]

Phoenix Arizona Area Homes Sale Prices Are Predicted to Rise 10%

Phoenix Arizona Area Homes   Phoenix  Arizona Area Homes  Sales Prices are predicted to rise 10% according to a recent article from “Realty Times”. The saying,  “as goes California” market prediction is showing up in a new forecast that predicts home prices nationwide will improve by 3.1 percent, while the Golden State will lead the […]

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Jeff McDowell, Scottsdale Realtor, also servicing the areas of  Cave Creek, Carefree, and Rio Verde Foothills Real Estate Markets. Searching for a Scottsdale Realtor   As a part of your search for a competent Scottsdale Realtor, you should consider the qualifications and experience of  your  real estate partner….Partner?  I thought all Scottsdale Realtor ‘s were  […]

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1031 Tax Free Tax Deferred Exchange | Real Estate   1031 Exchanges  many times referred to as “Tax Free” are actually “Tax Deferred” and appear to be very complicated transactions involving real estate in Arizona.  Not so, they are very straightforward with proper planning and implementation. With the implementation of the changes in the Capital Gain rules […]

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Condominiums |Cave Creek |Scottsdale |Carefree |Arizona Buying Condominiums in Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree AZ is a  convenient form of  “lock and leave” ownership.  By buying condominiums, you own your unit but the common areas, which include the entire project with the exception of the airspace contained inside the unit are owned commonly with the other owners […]

Scottsdale Horse Property Realtor Arizona

Scottsdale Horse Property Realtor Arizona   As a Scottsdale Horse Property Realtor Arizona, this is a little information about me and what I do.Our longtime good friend Laurel Walker Denton, Lolli, recently did an article on myself and Jana, my wife, published in the Arizona Quarter Horse Association magazine. FREE MLS SEARCH FOR NORTH SCOTTSDALE HORSE […]

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85262 |Home |Land |Scottsdale |AZ |Sales |MLS |Listings Free MLS Search 85262 |Home |Land |Scottsdale |AZ |Sales |MLS |Listings. Search for MLS Homes For Sale 85262 As the real estate Selling Season is winding down in the Rio Verde Foothills Arizona home and land sales are seeing some increases in home land sales prices while the […]

Cash vs. Financed Sales Price for Sold Homes in Scottsdale, Arizona

Cash vs. Financed Sales Price for Sold Homes in North Scottsdale     Cash vs. Financed Sales Price for Sold Homes in Scottsdale, Arizona, Sales price for homes, land and condominiums in the areas of Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree, Rio Verde Foothills and Unincorporated Maricopa County Arizona are experiencing discrepancies on a price per square […]